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Arduino Projects Book 170 Pages Pdf 141 volelli




Arduino Starter (ISBN 978-88-9158-946-5). Pp. 32. ISBN 978-88-9158-946-5, $27.50. . Chapter 7 — Deploying a Wireless Sensor Network Exercise 7-6. Deploying a wireless sensor network for an outdoor garden. Assembling the system. Chapter 8 — Summary EXERCISE 8-1. Build the sensor network for an indoor garden. Wireless sensor networks typically require a power source. You can use a battery or power supply, but be sure to test it carefully. EXERCISE 8-2. Make the wireless sensor network for the outdoor garden. Chapter 9 — Adding Physical Authentication to the Home Automation Network EXERCISE 9-1. Install a key fob. EXERCISE 9-2. Put a padlock on the door. EXERCISE 9-3. Write code to control your garage door from a web browser. EXERCISE 9-4. Turn off the lights in the garage. EXERCISE 9-5. Turn on the lights in the kitchen. EXERCISE 9-6. Show off your home automation system. Chapter 10 — Managing Contacts on a Network EXERCISE 10-1. Put your contacts in a database. EXERCISE 10-2. Send a text message to your friends using a web browser. EXERCISE 10-3. Get a web page and a phone number from your contacts. EXERCISE 10-4. Add contact information to the contact database. Chapter 11 — Controlling the Lights with a Bouncing Ball EXERCISE 11-1. Get a webcam and a ball. EXERCISE 11-2. Place your ball on the floor and check out the image. EXERCISE 11-3. Use a web browser to control the lights. EXERCISE 11-4. Turn off the lights. EXERCISE 11-5. Change the web address. EXERCISE 11-6. Enable the motion sensor. EXERCISE 11-7. Get a phone number from a web page. Chapter 12 — Controlling the Lights from an Android Device EXERCISE 12-1. Get a web page from the Internet




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Arduino Projects Book 170 Pages Pdf 141 volelli
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