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The Story of Taipei's Hidden 'Chinese Empire' Fake Trading Firms - The Diplomat A PROPAGANDA VIDEO about the beautiful Hualien is being denounced as a “lies and garbage” video for “concealing history”. Hualien was Taiwan’s only town on Taiwan’s main island, TAIWAN. The movie “Chinese Empire” was filmed in and around Hualien. The video itself: The Fake History of Chinese Empire: ADVERTISEMENT Taiwan has been developing a strong industry of fake movies, books, video games, and other items that are targeted by Taiwanese people and tourists. Fake history itself isn’t a new concept, but the technology has become more refined in recent years. Chinese goods are by no means “the best”, and “dodgy Chinese-manufactured goods” are multiplying in Taiwan, capitalizing on China’s growing international image. But what is China, and what is Taiwanese history? Who’s who in Chinese history, and what have been the political divisions between the mainland and Taiwan? If you know, please leave a comment. I’d love to do a video about the history of mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong as well. CHINA-TAIWAN History: Past & Present Some claim that the long-standing myth of "China sending troops into Taiwan" is a fabrication to cover up China's alleged attempt to take Taiwan by force. Zeng says the claim is an example of "flying soap-boxes" -- it reflects the political beliefs of the people who advance the view, but it's not based on a rigorous analysis. —-> Watch: Read: Take A Virtual Tour Through The Zengpi War Museum The Zengpi War Museum in Xishuangbanna provides a lesson on the history of warfare and battles in southwestern China. Website:




Foto Kontol Polisi Gay gretal

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